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Marin Bee is on a mission to save our skin - and save the bees. Our “farm-to-table” skincare uses natural, soothing formulas that combine California Wildflower Honey with clean, luxurious ingredients to enhance and treat delicate skin. Proceeds from sales help fund youth education programs at Planet Bee Foundation, an environmental education nonprofit dedicated to help save the struggling bee.

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  • Marin Bee Story

    Marin Bee Company and Planet Bee Foundation founder, Debra Tomaszewski, is on a mission to save your skin and save the bees! For nearly 10 years, this passionate beekeeper has been empowering a green-minded generation with renowned programs that educate and raise awareness about the global bee crisis. Tomaszewski launched Marin Bee in 2017, a luxurious farm-to-table skincare that harnesses the power of California Wildflower Honey to nourish and treat your skin.    


    Featuring natural and organic ingredients and signature California Wildflower Honey, this eco-friendly, cruelty-free brand provides effective, beautiful products while funding conservation efforts and educating consumers about the value of bees and other pollinators -- a vital part of our ecosystem. Bees are responsible for 1/3 of every bite we eat, however their populations are plummeting at an alarming rate worldwide.


    Marin Bee Pure Honey Skincare Overview

    Marin Bee Pure Honey Skincare combines fresh local California Wildflower Honey with other soothing time-tested ingredients like aloe, oatmeal, olive and jojoba oil, shea butter, green tea, salt, and a unique blend of essential oils. “I discovered the profound effects of honey on my skin while tending hives. The honey significantly improved my skin’s appearance and complexion,” explains Tomaszewski, Marin Bee founder and backyard beekeeper. “Skin became a big issue in my home with my kids. As they grew into adolescence, they faced skin problems and the standard prescriptions from doctors were too harsh and irritating on their delicate skin. I turned to my bees and crafted homemade remedies. The products were natural and completely safe for sensitive skin. The results were dramatic. Their skin looked  healthier, nourished and had a natural glow. For myself, I started seeing less visible signs of stress and aging. Years later, I had perfected the formulas and Marin Bee Pure Honey Skincare was born. I hope my love for bees and mission to help save them translates into the products and that all users can experience the same gratitude for this essential species.”


    Marin Bee formulas are specially created to detoxify, nourish, exfoliate and deeply moisturize skin using the power of California Wildflower Honey. Alive with native wildflowers, vibrant colors, and sweet fragrances, California’s nectar corridors attract and feed bees, producing nutrient-rich honey with a distinct blend of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, peptides, and antioxidants. Honey has been used throughout the ages for its restorative and rejuvenating properties to help heal and regenerate skin. Powerful antioxidants deeply nourish and protect skin from environmental damage. Antimicrobial properties purify, while enzymes break down dead skin cells so they can be easily sloughed away. Honey is also a natural humectant, absorbing moisture from the air to hydrate skin.

    Marin Bee Pure Honey Skincare donates 5%  of profits to support Planet Bee Foundation education programs and conservation efforts. This skincare line is developed with a holistic vision, treating skin products as food for the body and soul, allowing skin to glow naturally.

    With care for the planet at the heart of Marin Bee Pure Honey Skincare, products are thoughtfully developed in Northern California with the use of local vendors whenever possible to reduce carbon footprint. All packaging is recyclable and the boxes are manufactured with wind power and printed with plant-based dyes. Marin Bee empowers and educates others to help influence environmental change and stewardship through their National Wildflower Campaign and support of Planet Bee Foundation’s National Seed Ball Kit Program for Schools.  

    Marin Bee Pure Honey Skincare hero products include their Honey Butter and Lip Repair.  Honey Butter is formulated with shea butter and coconut oil to deeply condition and moisturize, while jojoba oil improves elasticity and cell regeneration as well as provides a barrier against environmental toxins. Lip Repair provides a nourishing high gloss with a luxurious hydrating blend of calendula to soothe, beeswax and castor oil to protect and pomegranate to rejuvenate.

    Products are available via and for $18 - $38 each. For more information, visit, follow Marin Bee @marinbeecompany on Instagram and @marinbee on Facebook and Pinterest. For more information about Planet Bee Foundation, visit

    CONTACT: Debra Tomaszewski / / (415) 235-8959 [2]


    Marin Bee offers a full range of skincare made with pure California Wildflower Honey. Created by Planet Bee Foundation founder Debra Tomaszewski, the products help educate users about bees and fund bee conservation. Products are formulated with natural and organic ingredients like oatmeal, clay, green tea extract, aloe, shea butter, and olive oil, and without parabens, petroleum, formaldehyde, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, talc, sodium lauryl sulfates, silicone derived from emollients, synthetic dyes and fragrances. Marin Bee products are never tested on animals and are developed with the environment at heart.


  • Marin Bee Pure Honey Skincare
    Marin Bee is on a mission to save your skin - and save the bees. Their luxurious farm-to-table skincare features local California Wildflower Honey. Sales support Planet Bee, an environmental education nonprofit dedicated to help save the struggling bee....


    • Sales help support the Planet Bee Foundation, an environmental nonprofit focusing on education, awareness, and stewardship.
    • Our products are made with sustainably harvested honey from local beekeepers.
    • Using local honey supports bee populations, ecosystems and native pollinators.


    • Often called the "Nectar of the Gods", honey has been used throughout the ages for its restorative, healing and anti-microbial properties.
    • Naturally rich in antioxidants, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and vitamins C, D, E & B, and peptides; honey nourishes and helps to revitalize skin.
    • As a natural humectant, honey draws moisture from the air to hydrate skin.
    • Due to its rich anti-microbial properties, California Wildflower is America’s alternative to Manuka Honey


    • Features key ingredients like aloe, shea, olive, coconut, jojoba, salt and oatmeal.
    • We use natural and certified organic ingredients.
    • We never use pre-made bases or generic fillers.
    • Our ingredients adhere to clean beauty standards: no PEGs, parabens, synthetic dyes, petroleum, phthalates, mineral oil, talc, silicone derived emollients, sodium lauryl sulfates, formaldehyde-producing preservatives or irritating synthetic fragrances.
    • Our signature scent is derived from a delicate essential oil blend
    • Leaping Bunny Certified, EWG Verified, Gluten Free, and Made in California

    HONEY BUTTER head to toe hydration / shea • coconut • jojoba $18.00 $35.00 (1.5 oz / 4 oz) Luxurious, ultra-rich body butter formulated with shea and natural oils that deeply hydrate and repair, leaving skin delicately soft and supple but never greasy  

    • Shea butter and coconut oil deeply condition, protect and restore skin
    • Jojoba oil contains anti-aging benefits that improve elasticity and cell regeneration
    • Nourishing body butter provides a barrier against environmental toxins
    • Subtle citrus and lavender scent derived from proprietary essential oil blend

    HONEY POLISH hand and foot repair / aloe • salt • olive oil $34.00 (5.7 oz) Concentrated skin polish formulated with 30% pure California Wildflower Honey that exfoliates, soothes, and restores dry, tired hands, feet, and elbows to a radiant glow

    • Salt exfoliates and purifies, while olive oil and aloe vera soothe and moisturize
    • Beeswax forms a protective barrier and is rich in vitamin A, which has been shown to promote healthy skin cell regeneration
    • Colloidal oatmeal is rich in beta glucans, flavonoids, and vitamin E to lock in moisture and calm

    HONEY SHAVE moisture rich concentrate / aloe • shea • olive oil $28.00 (3.5 oz) Award winning shave formula that gently moisturizes as it turns from a cream into an oil, providing an ultra-close shave while leaving skin soothed and silky smooth

    • Shea and olive oil deeply hydrate while aloe calms and prevents rashes
    • Concentrated natural shave cream is designed to be used on wet skin
    • Specially formulated for delicate areas with natural emollients and oils
    • Developed for both men or women to be soothing and non-irritating

    DETOX MASQUE calming skin repair / clay • pumpkin • oatmeal $38.00 (2 oz) Nourishing honey mask that exfoliates and restores skin’s balance by drawing out toxins and excess oil, reducing redness and puffiness, while minimizing pores and evening out skin tone

    • Made with 30% California Wildflower Honey to nourish, purify, calm and renew
    • Kaolin clay and pumpkin enzymes draw out impurities and exfoliate dead skin cells
    • Colloidal oatmeal and aloe moisturize, reduce redness, relieve and soothe irritations
    • Can be used on the back or as a spot remedy for problem skin

    LIP REPAIR high gloss hydration / calendula • beeswax • pomegranate $18.00 (.32 oz) Luxurious blend of California Wildflower Honey and nature’s perfect moisturizers that heal, soothe and repair dry, cracked lips with a glossy finish

    • Beeswax, castor seed oil, cocoa and shea butters condition, moisturize and nourish lips while calendula soothes and rejuvenates
    • Pomegranate antioxidant power helps protect lips from environmental damage while perking up collagen to help strengthen skin
    • Highly effective lip treatment can also be applied under or over lipstick
    • Glossy and slightly tinted pink with a feature-weight feel
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