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HUMEX, INC. is a contract manufacturer and global distributor of Medical, Skin Care, and Health Care Products. Our vision is to contribute to building a young, beautiful and healthy society by distributing products proven their effectiveness. Our goal is achieved through demonstrating our values in action and mission is to supply the society with innovative products vital for a healthier and happier life. HUMEX commits to continue supplying our clients with the highest quality research-based products with excellent customer service.


  • Rejuveblue Effector
    Skin regenerating power UP with 5GF / cooling effect / calming & regenerating blue serum for sensitive post-treatment skin...

  • Rejuveblue Effector 50ml

    A cure for redden skin: Dermagenis Serum

    Blue active serum that helps to improve skin step by step

    Emergency help serum for extremely sensitive skin [redness and heat]

    - Improvement of redness, the burning feeling caused by laser treatment [no peppermint]

    - Inflammation relief effect of extremely irritated skin: skin troubles improvement
    - Strengthening of phased regeneration system [3 step regeneration] & boosting aquaporin synthesis

    - Immunity reinforcement and protection from the inflow of external stimuli by skin barrier strengthening

    Perfect regeneration through cells growth-boosting [lactobacteria & yeast fermentation]
    - Fermentation of yeast and lactobacillus big, amount of which is contained in milk, is used
    - Main ingredient particles + penetration↑+ maximized vitality -> maximized effect
    - Stops enzyme that decomposes collagen+ increases antioxidant secretion+ boosts cell differentiation

    - Cells protection from UV light (photoaging prevention)+antimicrobial effect (prevention of skin troubles)

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