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Plant Therapy is the premier destination for the highest quality and purest essential oils, KidSafe blends, carrier oils, hydrosols, USDA Certified Organic products, diffusers, and so much more!  With over 1200 products, we would love to be your wholesale aromatherapy supplier, adding additional value for your customers and another source of revnue for your store.  

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  • Plant Therapy - Spa Roll-on Wholesale Turn-key set
    Set Includes:
    Lavender Roll-On 10 mL
    Meditation Synergy Roll-On 10 mL
    Peppermint Roll-On 10 mL
    Relax Synergy Roll-On 10 mL
    Tranquil Synergy Roll-On 10 mL
    Shelf Display 35 ct, Roll On Bottle, Wholesale
    MSRP: $308.53/ Wholesale $139.95...

  • Our Spa Roll-On Set is the perfect way to get the spa experience at home, or on the go! Each essential oil roll-on was chosen to support relaxation and give you those spa vibes where ever you happen to be. The smell of Lavender alone can help produce a calm, peaceful tranquil environment. Meditation blend is a carefully chosen blend of essential oils that help evoke a calm alertness, helping to take you into a calmer, more meditative state of mind. Peppermint is a fresh, stimulating oil. It can help enhance alertness and improve energy levels. The essential oils in the Relax synergy were specially chosen to help promote a peaceful state of mind, and Tranquil helps to reduce worry and its effects.
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