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Our Story
Lira Clinical is a global skincare care company founded by a collective group of aesthetic professionals devoted to perfecting modern skincare. We combine science and nature, along with ancient aesthetic secrets to deliver product perfection. Our advanced formulations and effective combinations make Lira Clinical beautifully unique.

We recognize the importance for products that treat all skin types. Our streamlined skin care systems are specifically designed to brighten and tighten all global skin types in order to restore the skin's health and beauty.

A Beautiful Skincare Partnership
Lira Clinical is developed exclusively for licensed professionals. We offer the next level of skin care with quality products and treatments that produce real results.

Our easy to navigate Guide and Protect System (GPS) allows skin care practitioners to easily create treatment paths guiding their clients to achieve skincare goals.

Pride in our Product
Our products are formulated by an international team of experienced aesthetic, medical and scientific professionals. We use cutting edge and quality ingredients to generate remarkable results. All Lira Clinical research and development, products, and packaging are proudly manufactured in the USA.

Superior Education
Lira's Guide and Protect System (GPS) was exclusively developed by Lira Clinical's education team offering a modern guide to skin classification and treatment. Lira Clinical offers advanced courses on all levels of the GPS system. We pride ourselves on our expert educators and advanced aesthetic courses.

 Press Releases

  • 12:00 pm - 12:25 pm | Monday, May 24, 2021

    The peeling solution is only one step in a clinical treatment. All skin responds differently therefore customizing how the skin is prepared and transitioned into its optimized restorative state is crucial for achieving corrective results. Discover how to work with skin’s natural functions accomplishing skin refinement and skincare success.

    Francine Kagarakis, RMA
    Founder, Lira Clinical

    Science Discovering Nature’s Secrets is a favorite tagline that best describes Francine’s passion in aesthetics and product formulation. Prior to launching Lira Clinical in 2010, Francine enjoyed working closely with a prominent dermatologist in San Francisco, who expanded his practice in medical esthetics. She later broadened her experience in medical education, where she instructed and prepared registered medical assistants. Francine joined a professional aesthetic supply house and advanced training center where she trained physicians, nurses, and estheticians, globally, for multiple professional skincare lines. With her hands-on approach and innovative thinking, she plays an integral role in the education department and research and development for Lira Clinical. Francine continues to enjoy searching the globe for the latest in skincare technology and all the benefits of nature’s secrets.

  • 1:30 pm - 1:55 pm | Wednesday, May 26, 2021

    After 10 years of proven peel results, Lira Clinical proudly introduces a carboxylic solution refined for ageless results. Lira Clinical brings you a total clinical skin experience when you smell it, feel it, see it and reveal brighter, tighter and firmer skin in just one treatment! Discover this must-have treatment delivering customized results, no social downtime and client satisfaction, increasing your skincare success.

    Metaxia Dalikas, LE
    Expert in Aesthetic Treatments, Lira Clinical

    Metaxia Dalikas, LE, is internationally recognized for her expertise in advanced aesthetic treatments, education and chemical peel formulation. She has worked side by side with world-renowned dermatologists and chemists over many years to assemble her extraordinary wealth of clinical skincare knowledge. Her knowledge of skincare distribution and training as well as chemical peels, waxing and product formulation, has made Metaxia an essential component in Lira Clinical’s success. Having over 30 years in the medical and professional aesthetic treatment industry led Metaxia to open a successful chain of professional aesthetics supply houses and advanced training centers more than a decade ago.

  • Lira Clinical Seasonal Skincare - March 16, 2021

    One of the most common misconceptions in cosmetics is that skincare stops at the face. In reality, the effects of aging can be observed all over your body and most noticeably, in the upper arms, breasts, and buttocks.

    As soon as we turn 25, our bodies begin losing 1% of its collagen annually. If you’re doing the math in your head like we did when we discovered that shocking fact, you may also be starting to understand the importance of total body anti-aging skin care.

    naked woman showing her back

    It’s also important to keep in mind that full-body skincare is much more than just a body moisturizer. That’s why Lira Clinical developed a comprehensive approach to professional body care which includes a full-body skincare line, home care system, and several incredibly effective treatments.

    The beauty of Lira Clinical’s professional body care methodology is that it combines the importance of maintaining healthy skin all over your body with the relaxing indulgence of the spa experience.

    Professional full-body skincare is in large part about keeping your complete skin microbiome in a state of balance. With that in mind, Lira Clinical has developed these five easy steps to get started on your full-body skin care journey:

    • Scrub
    • Cleanse
    • Firm
    • Hydrate
    • Treat

    An easy way to remember it is “Skincare From Head to Toe,” because your skin is all over your body, and all of it should be properly cared for. When combined with Lira Clinical’s revolutionary SPA Line, these steps will provide the rejuvenated, brightened, tightened, and nourished skin you can only get from a day at the spa.

    1. Scrub

    When beginning your full-body skin health routine, it’s important to start with a blank canvas. That means you first need to scrub away the dirt, debris, and dead skin cells that can accumulate on your skin and potentially clog your pores.

    Leg scrub

    We recommend using the SPA Smoothing Scrub. Unlike many exfoliators, its mix of coconut sugar, papyrus plant stem cells, and natural oils from both hemp and coconut not only smooth away rough skin anywhere on your body, but they also hydrate the skin, leaving it smooth and polished.

    2. Cleanse

    Once you have properly exfoliated, it’s time to even out that new layer of skin with a brightening cleanser. And, since exfoliated skin has a lower pH balance, cleansers like the SPA Brightening Cleanser produce more noticeable and effective correction benefits.

    The SPA Brightening Cleanser uses lactic acid, as well as a naturally powerful blend of plant-based oils and plant stem cells, to even out skin tone while beginning to firm up the fresh layer of skin. This is a formula inspired by the science behind ancient Egyptian milk baths – a health treatment that was both luxurious and great for your skin.

    3. Firm

    Now that your skin has been beautifully prepped and cleansed, it’s time to begin repairing problem areas with the power of science and nature.

    If your goal is reducing the appearance of skin dimpling and cellulite that comes with aging skin, your best recourse for this step is the SPA Firming Lotion. By increasing the blood flow in the smallest blood vessels in your skin (microcirculation) and breaking down fats through increased hydration (lipolysis), the SPA Firming Lotion rejuvenates your skin and fights problematic signs of aging.

    4. Hydrate

    It’s certainly no secret within the world of skincare that the key to both balancing and restoring skin is proper hydration. After all, when your skin is properly hydrated it allows your body’s natural reparative processes to work at peak efficiency.

    Woman face out of water

    So, when it’s time to support the rejuvenating processes initiated in the last step, there’s no better option than the SPA Silk Soufflé. This soft, whipped body crème is infused with silk, nourishing vitamins, and botanical oils that elevates your skin to its optimal hydration point while simultaneously locking in moisture, so your skin stays smooth as silk.

    5. Treat

    This final step is aptly named since you’ll not only be providing powerfully hydrating treatment to your skin, you’ll also be treating yourself to undeniably soft, healthy skin. The purpose of this step is to nourish your skin and give it that extra touch of balance and hydration to ensure the most effective and noticeable results.

    We recommend the SPA Nourishing Oil as it combines an array of exotic oils (argan, coconut, hemp, and rosa canina), powerful vitamins, and plant stem cells to focus in on specific trouble areas and encourage skin healing by preventing moisture loss.

    And just like that, your full-body skincare routine is ready to go. As soon as you feel the difference in your skin, you’ll understand the power of full-body skincare and the beauty of the Lira SPA Line.

    However, as powerful as those five steps are, Lira Clinical has also created an array of targeted treatments to both address specific problem areas as well as to bring the spa experience with you wherever you are. Try any of these professional body care treatments and melt into the relaxation that comes with having perfectly healthy skin.

    iLuminating Décolleté

    Focus on rejuvenating your chest and neck with this stimulating treatment that uses exclusive ingredients from the Mediterranean to brighten and tighten your décolleté.

    Clarifying Back Treatment

    If your back is a problem area for acne and blotchy skin, this treatment combines Lira Clinical’s ICE and SPA lines to combat acne and leave your back with a luxurious finish.

    Relaxing Back Treatment

    We accumulate a lot of stress in our backs and shoulders throughout the day and this treatment was designed to help melt away tension while exfoliating and hydrating your back.

    Papyrus Polisher

    This treatment was specifically designed to do away with rough areas of skin and leave you with healthy, smooth skin in its place. You can also upgrade to the Papyrus Polisher Plus that integrates the Lactic Clear Definer and pH Solution for ultimate smoothing results.

    Ancient Luxury

    Give your skin the royal treatment with this powerful anti-aging treatment that was designed to both relax and restore your skin.

    Classic Cleopatra

    Inspired by ancient Egyptian beauty practices, this nourishing body treatment will leave you with stunningly youthful, radiant skin.

    You can find any of these products, as well as a powerful array of other Lira Clinical lines, at Your skin will thank you!

  • (Apr 16, 2021)

    Lira Clinical Skincare Ingredients - February 17, 2021

    Lira Clinical has incorporated histological powers of mastiha since 2013. It was and is a powerful anti-inflammatory and restorative ingredient with scientific evidence to explain topical efficacy. But the real magic of the ancient medicine compound is explained through fascinating folklore.

    Mastic resin

    What is Folklore?

    Folklore is the traditional beliefs, customs, and stories of a community, passed down through generations by word of mouth. It is the combination of two words – “folk,” meaning people and “lore,” meaning stories. Folklore are the tales told by the people in a particular region, often to describe the inexplicable. Before science could contest or confirm these stories, they made perfect sense. Folklore explained many things, including mastiha and the beautiful justification of the mastic resin shape and scent that have been passed through generations.

    Chios Greece

    Greece is a land rich in tradition, and even mystique. Grecians are strong and proud people, and despite their geographical location, their cultural roots hold strong. This can be attributed to the great global contributions gifted from this fruitful region. The Grecian influence reaches every corner of the earth, from ancient to present times.

    In fact, Hippocrates, known as the father of medicine, hailed from the Greek Island of KOS. His influence is still seen today when the Hippocratic oath is pledged as a rite of passage for graduating medical doctors and nurses into professional and ethical standards. It is safe to assume that mastiha was one of many natural medicines in Hippocrates’ medicine bag.

    The country of Greece is made up of thousands of islands with unique charms. One island, Chios, provides the unique and protected designation of origin of a powerful ingredient, mastiha. It was the inspiration for one of the Lira Clinical lines, and because of its potent skin calming and strengthening capabilities, has since been woven into many of Lira Clinical’s products.

    Roman Soldier

    In the 3rd Century AD, a Roman navy fleet led by an admiral named Numerian arrived on the small island of Chios, including a soldier from Alexandria, Isidoro, a quartermaster sergeant. He was a Christian, and at the time, Romans forbade Christians from being in military.

    Isidoro and his Christian friend, Amenios, stayed in a house in the region of Kampos. In the evening, when he prayed to god, lightning and flames could be seen over the roof of his house. Many of his neighbors were awestruck and convinced by Isidoro and Amenios that the light was divine and was baptizing Christians.

    The news spread quickly, and Admiral Numerian was furious, accusing Isidoro of not sacrificing to the gods (the Roman gods).

    When confronted, Numerian asked Isidoro “Are you Christian?” Isidoro replied confidently and without  pause, “Yes!” He would not lie. Numerian tied Isidoro to the back of his horse and dragged him through the mastic groves, between the mastiha trees of Chios. After nearly an hour, Numerian stopped his horse and asked Isidoro to denounce Christianity.

    When Isidoro, bloody and battered, refused his request, Numerian ordered soldiers to cut out his tongue. The soldiers dutifully sliced the tongue from his mouth, but Isidoro continued to speak, reciting Christian scripture. Furious, Numerian attempted to order Isidoro’s execution, when he was surprised that he had actually lost his speech, unable to give a verbal command.

    Silently, he lifted his finger to his neck moving it from one side to another, with the non-verbal symbolic demand that was well understood. The Roman soldiers beheaded Isidoro, tossing his head aside and displaying his body as a warning of what would happen if one was disobedient.


    Myropi, was a Christian woman from Rome who sought religious sanctuary in Chios. When she heard what happened to Isidoro, she felt compelled to do something. She located Isidoro’s head and then carefully moved his body from display to a grave, reciting scriptures and giving him a respectful, proper Christian burial.

    Upon discovering this, Admiral Numerian was furious! He ordered the guards to find her! She was beaten to near death and imprisoned. There, as she laid on the cold prison floor, lacking strength to even sit up, she wept. She then heard a voice say, “Myropi, all your cries have been heard, your prayers have been answered and today you will be joining me.” As she died, a fragrant mist filled the prison and then floated out into the night, settling securely into the protection of the mastic trees.

    It is said that the trees that witnessed the cruel dragging of Isidoro through the groves, wept in sorrow, forming Mastic Tears onto the earth that was stained from his blood. The aroma that weft from Myropi was embraced by the trees creating the unique Mastiha scent.

    Mastic tears

    We know the tear drop shape is a result of the earth’s gravity pulling the nutrient dense resin to the earth’s floor beneath, and the beautiful aroma is the melding of fragrant and beneficial terpenes. It is the unique microclimate and mineral rich, red volcanic soil of Chios that lend to that region’s mastiha potency. But the color of the earth is again explained by folklore as well as a divine explanation of what may have caused a modern marketing mishap.

    One modern folklore story comes from the introduction of Lira Clinical’s MYSTIQ Line. Originally, the color of the line was intended to be a violet based purple. But a pantone accident at the printer, collided with a stringent deadline resulted in the color we have now. This rich, earthy burgundy, originally thought to be an accident, could have been the mastiha speaking divinely through color, in homage to the mineral dense soil that embraced and nourished the mastic tree roots.

    Skinos Liqueur

    Mastiha is a powerful ingredient. Many believe there are no accidents, or coincidences. If you believe in magic, unexplained happenings that later prove to have been the perfect answer, then understand mastiha as a Lira Clinical ingredient was no accident. At the close of many of our symposiums or classes, you have been offered a small, sweet and fragrant cup of mastiha liqueur, Skinos. But why? Not just because it had mastiha, or in celebration of another great class, but as a reminder of a medicinal comfort and calm. A metaphor to the topical capabilities:

    Metaxia Dalikas, one of the founders, is responsible for introducing the ingredient to the Lira Clinical Board of Directors. It was her uncle, Dr. George Kokolis, a well-known Greek Plastic Surgeon, who first made her aware of the potency, explaining the clinical, medicinal potential, telling her to keep an eye out on the advancement of clinical use, in surgery and pharmaceutical therapies. He then offered her an aperitif of a Mastiha infused liqueur, Skinos. Seeing “skin” in the name… coincidence or divine inspiration?

    Mastic gum, truly potent mastiha, is a magically effective ingredient. It has been used for thousands of years, for many ailments and is now showing promising clinical usage advancement. Current studies on the use of mastiha as a therapy for gastro/digestive ailments, and peer reviewed papers on topical anti-inflammatory benefits are making exciting waves in the medical community. It is indeed a pure example of science discovering nature’s secrets.

    Accepted international ingredient nomenclature may require an ingredient deck listing as Mastic Gum, or Mastic extract, but not all Mastic resins are equal. Chios mastiha boasts a protected designation of origin, a qualification that confirms the unique make-up of the mastic tree resin from that specific area. With modern scientific advancements, we are now able to dissect its chemical composition explaining many of the clinical benefits of mastiha.

    To protect sustainability of the magical and medicinal Chios mastic trees, Lira Clinical has partnered with Adopt Chios Trees. For information about adopting a mastic tree in your name, please visit or email Lenia Ziglaki – and mention Lira Clinical Family for a €10 discount.

    Watch our webinar.

    Listen to our podcast “A Skindepth Convo” where Metaxia and Francine are joined by a special guest with a personal connection to Chios, Greece, Lou Skyriotis, to discuss the mystique of mastiha.


  • Lira Clinical BB Line
    An all-in-one beauty revolution, Lira Clinical’s BB Collection is your must-have daily product....

  • An all-in-one beauty revolution, Lira Clinical’s BB Collection is your must-have daily product. This flawless foundation is limitless as a moisturizer, concealer, and SPF 30 protection. Restoring plant stem cells and designer peptides slow skin’s natural aging process returning skin’s youthful appearance. This clinical breathable, hydrator maximizes skin healing after heavy resurfacing procedures such as chemical peels and laser.
  • Lira Clinical Bio Line
    Biologically inspired by life and renewal, this hydrating and restoring line is perfect for all skin types....

  • Biologically inspired by life and renewal, this hydrating and restoring line is perfect for all skin types. The BIO line is infused with the best of science and nature from healing minerals, plant stem cells, botanical and marine extracts, hyaluronic acid and designer peptides.
  • Lira Clinical Health Line
    In light of recent times, Lira Clinical has developed a new line to address the unique need for skin barrier protection along with maintaining the integrity of the skin....

  • In light of recent times, Lira Clinical has developed a new line to address the unique need for skin barrier protection along with maintaining the integrity of the skin.
  • Lira Clinical ICE Line
    Beautifully balance skin through a unique approach utilizing powerful anti-inflammatory, brightening, and redness reducing ingredients....

  • Beautifully balance skin through a unique approach utilizing powerful anti-inflammatory, brightening, and redness reducing ingredients. The ICE products are designed to balance skin’s micro-biome while optimizing skin health through topical probiotic technology. Lira’s exclusive brightening and healing MASQ-tech™ innovation prevents future pigment formation and evens skin tone. A healing peptide delivery system offers active agents a skin-friendly pathway clarifying skin’s complexion.
  • Lira Clinical Mystiq Line
    Luxury Illumination Line....

  • This luxury illumination line brings out the radiance in your skin with all natural and exclusive MASQ-tech™ skin brightening technology, orange plant stem cells, and powerful botanical antioxidants.
  • Lira Clinical Pro Line
    This advanced exfoliation and lightening line delivers the professional edge on anti-aging and skin brightening....

  • This advanced exfoliation and lightening line delivers the professional edge on anti-aging and skin brightening. PRO products are formulated to target all skin conditions with the next generation of designer peptides, refining retinol, brightening hexylresorcinol, and skin tightening poly-hydroxy acids. This line is essential for effective cellular turnover and skin renewal.
  • Lira Clinical Spa Line
    Aging doesn’t stop at the face and neither should your skincare routine....

  • Aging doesn’t stop at the face and neither should your skincare routine. The Lira SPA Body Collection provides products that exfoliate, brighten, hydrate, firm and nourish skin from head-to-toe.
  • Lira Clinical SPF Line
    Essential daily SPF 30 moisturizers for all skin types....

  • Essential daily SPF 30 moisturizers for all skin types. New technology protects skin from future damage with the latest generation of peptides. Powerful botanicals are combined with designer peptides for skin nourishment and antioxidant protection, that is also reef safe.
  • Lira Clinical Peels And Solutions
    Lira Clinical began with advanced peels and treatment solutions for the best clinically corrective results....

  • Lira Clinical began with advanced peels and treatment solutions for the best clinically corrective results. Discover what makes our full spectrum of peeling solutions the industry leader in clinical correction. From universal enzymes to clinical solutions we have the right treatment to correct, maintain, and prevent skin concerns.

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