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Laloirelle® (/la-lôr-ræl/) is a sustainable, high-end organic skincare brand based in San Francisco. Using the purest, most potent and ethically sourced ingredients, we combine Traditional Chinese Medicine with skincare technology to create complex formulations that provide real results.

Laloirelle® features an array of products, from oil moisturizers and serums to toners and cleansers. Our products contain up to 98% organic ingredients.

We are a GOLD Certified Green America® Business. Our products have been featured in VOGUE, Skin Inc., Simply Gluten Free magazines.

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  • Keeping skin looking young, vibrant and fresh while remaining healthy is a top-priority for many people. Great news in this area recently emerged with dynamic new brand Laloirelle debuting incorporating many of the little known natural secrets of Chinese medicine to help accomplish these goals.

    April 2, 2019

    The western world often forgets that science doesn't begin and end in Europe and America. In fact, it is becoming gradually more well-known globally that Traditional Chinese Medicine has safe, natural and proven solutions to a great many issues. One is encouraging skin to be the best looking and healthiest possible.  A new company that is bringing a combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the latest in technological breakthroughs is organic and natural anti-aging skincare brand Laloirelle.  Founded by the visionary Yin Yin Wu, who saw the value and safe but effective impact that this fusion of TCM with the latest tech could have without the danger of harming skin like many western products bring with them, the new Laloirell line was born.  The excitement surrounding the launch is high,

    “Understanding the wonderful properties of traditional Chinese Medicine made me realize that the vast majority of cosmetic products available on the market don’t take full advantage of the benefits nature provides,” commented Yin Yin. “I don't have any doubt that people will love the results from using our Laloirelle line.”

    The new natural and organic beauty product line is highlighted by the Age Defy Face Oil; Renew & Balance Face Oil; Regenerative Face Oil; Luminous Face Oil; and Deep Hydration Face Oil; Age Renewal Serum; Renew & Balance Soap Cleanser; Renew & Calm Soap Cleanser; Renew & Lift Soap Cleanser; and Renew & Regenerate Soap Cleanser; and Clear Skin Replenishing Toner.

    Many more products are planned in the near future with the same emphasis on Traditional Chinese Medicine and its blend with the latest technology and skincare advances.

    The company is devoted to using only sustainable, quality ingredients, which are transparently and ethically sourced.

    They are happy to maintain a list of banned ingredients on their official website, making sure none of these harmful and dangerous chemicals make it into what they offer their valued customers.

    The early feedback for Laloirelle has been positive across the board.

    Susanna L., recently said in a five-star review, “My sensitive skin is extremely high maintenance and picky, so imagine my surprise when I saw results within a one-time use of @laloirelle products!”

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  • With women hunting down the newest trends in skincare and the increased awareness of toxic chemicals in beauty products, it’s no wonder that Laloirelle’s sales are on the rise. Laloirelle is poised to become the next natural skincare favorite among beauty enthusiasts.

    November 28, 2019

    Laloirelle, a fast-growing organic skincare company, today launched a sustainability program with innovative ideas to create a Green Chain BeautyTM. This program stands out of the rest in the skin care industry because it makes use of sustainable practices in the whole supply chain, including ingredients, packaging, production, as well as social and environmental impacts for making the products. 

    Increasing consumer demand for eco-friendly personal care products has prompted Laloirelle to enter into the natural and organic personal care products market and develop new and advanced products. This company is continuously launching organic personal care products to expand their customer base. 

    Research and development for the Laloirelle Green Chain BeautyTM lasted for years and it was done by Laloirelle founder Yin Yin Wu, a Professional Engineer who has been involved with the development of energy efficiency and sustainability products for over ten years. With Laloirelle’s devotion to using only natural ingredients with its every product, the Green Chain BeautyTM was made sure to be as natural and as an extraordinary skin care product that delivers regenerative and healing effects to its users.

    The sustainability practices of Green Chain BeautyTM include renewable, biodegradable and naturally-derived ingredients with no chemical treatment. The oil moisturizers, serum and toner contain up to 98% organic ingredients, cleansers contain 85% organic ingredients. The packaging is made of recyclable paper and glass bottle packaging; the shipping box is made with 100% post-consumer recycled paper while the marketing postcards are made with certified FSC paper. Green Chain BeautyTM is produced with low energy by eliminating the emulsion process used in traditional lotion and cream production, as well as the associated heating and cooling energy. 

    In November 2019, Laloirelle is recognized as a GOLD Certified Green America® Business for their exceptional standards for social and environmental impacts that go beyond the general standards.

    “We are running a transparent and honest policy. You can trust what you use, and if we are selling it, you know that it comes from extensive research, and for our passion to deliver fantastic products made ethically, with a transparent attitude towards our consumers.” Laloirelle founder Yin commented.

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  • Age Defy Face Oil
    Age Defy Face Oil is a potent blend of Marula oil with Reish mushroom, ginseng, and caterpillar fungus extracts. The oil provides maximum levels of antioxidant and essential fatty acids to help ward off signs of aging, hydrate the skin for a radiant glow....

  • A potent blend of Marula oil enhanced with Reish mushroom, ginseng, and caterpillar fungus extracts, Age Defy Face Oil is crafted to deliver maximum levels of antioxidants and essential fatty acids to ward off signs of aging, powerfully hydrate skin, and give you a radiant glow. Each drop feeds your skin with the proteins, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients it needs to defy the passage of time for vibrantly beautiful skin.

    What to expect: Enhance hydration instantly for a firm, plump, younger-looking skin. Reduce signs of aging. A smoother appearance with a radiant glow.

    Who’s it for: All Skin Types.
    100% natural origin, 98% organic

    Featured in: VOGUE, SKIN INC., SIMPLY GLUTEN FREE Magazines

    Full ingredient list: click here