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Eminence Organic Skin Care, a Certified B Corporation®, provides effective, award-winning natural, organic and Biodynamic® skin care to spas worldwide. Pioneer of the organic skin care movement, Eminence combines more than half a century of herbal craftsmanship and innovation with Hungarian-inspired healing to offer results-oriented treatments. Eminence’s spa products rely on a unique blend of hand-picked fresh ingredients to craft premium skin care that is also good for the earth.

 Press Releases

  • We could not be more excited to share our record-setting news: Eminence Organic Skin Care has been voted favorite skin care line and favorite for product education for the 10th year in a row in the American Spa Professional’s Choice Awards! With over 8,000 total votes cast, we are deeply humbled to be chosen as the favorite for skin care and product education by estheticians and professionals. Our team at the central office in Vancouver, Canada has the following message to share:

    "We are truly honored and humbled to be voted by spa professionals for an unprecedented 10 years in a row as favorite skin care line. We’d like to thank all of our team-members and spa partners for helping us make history, believing in us and for providing their loyalty and support over the past decade. This award is dedicated to each and every one of you!" - The team at Eminence Organic Skin Care

    Award Winning Education

    Eminence Organics staff with a "10 Years Favorite" bannerWe are thrilled to be awarded Favorite Company for Product Education for the 10th Year in a row. Building professional knowledge through education is a major tenet of Eminence Organics, and we continuously strive to deepen knowledge and skills within the skin care industry. We are honored to receive this award for all of our incredible representatives who provide thousands of hours of learning sessions throughout each year.

    We’d like to give a special thank you to those Team-members who facilitate Eminence Organics Education as well as a huge thank you to all of the attendees each year at in-spa trainings, regional trainings, advanced masterclasses and tradeshow booth education classes, and remotely via webinars, phone conferences and videos.

    Our goal is to make a lasting impact on the industry through the passionate dedication of our team-members who provide engaging learning sessions to over 40,000 spa professionals annually.

    10 Years Of Milestones

    What better way to celebrate this momentous occasion than by looking back at some of our favorite milestones over the past 10 years? Read on to learn more about our proudest memories and why estheticians consistently choose Eminence Organics.

    Best-In-Class ProductsAwards badge for Eminence Organics winning Favorite Skin Care Line 10 years in a row

    In addition to making history as the industry’s favorite skin care line 10 years in a row, we are proud to win numerous awards in the skin care industry that recognize Eminence Organics as one of the best professional skin care lines for estheticians. Part of our mission is to deliver extraordinary products and service, making this recognition by our peers the ultimate confirmation of our goals. Our wonderful partners have shared these gracious words with us:

    Tricia Whitehead Sievers on Facebook says:

    “Eminence is as good as it gets! We use Eminence in the salon, and my clients love it! Personally, if I were to list my favorite products, I would have to list the whole catalog! I haven't found one product I don't love. Eminence not only gives real results, but it feels and smells amazing! Add to that how much they care for our planet, and helping children, and I really couldn't love them more.”

    Another spa partner, Aura Spa & Beauty Center, has also sent us some very kind words, sharing:

    “We love you Eminence! We are so grateful for the almost 10 years of partnership with you! We couldn't have asked for a better company to grow with. Thanks for your continued support and amazing products we can provide for our clients and use for ourselves!”

    Eminence Organics Acne Advanced Treatment SystemOrganic With Results

    Another component of our mission statement is to “enhance your well-being naturally,” and providing results-driven products that support our sustainability goals is crucial. Ensuring our products are recognized by multiple organic certifying bodies is one way that we have strived to lead over the past 10 years. When it comes to creating organic skin care, not only is meeting the requirements important - so is ensuring that the products work. Over the past 10 years, we have proudly launched multiple results-driven lines such as our Age Corrective Ultra Collection and our Acne Advanced Collection - all while staying true to our commitment to organic ingredients.

    On Facebook, Valerie Dayton Woycheshin recommends Eminence Organics’ professional skin care, saying:

    I’ve had the amazing opportunity to personally and professionally use Eminence for the last 10 years! It is by far the utmost superior, informative, beneficial and skin changing organic natural skin care line in the world! The supreme high quality of active ingredients and viable nutrients that are just waiting to feed your skin are remarkable! Eminence has changed my skin as well as the thousands of clients I’ve used it on over the last 10 years! Thank you for all that you do to continue to research and develop such an impeccable skin care line!”

    And, Emberz Spa LLC has let us know:

    “I truly am so happy I found you! It's such a pleasure and blessing to be a part of a company who truly believes and shares the same standards as I do for living a healthy lifestyle inside and out! Keep up the extraordinary work you do for this planet!”

    Cruelty-Free Logo100% Cruelty-Free

    Not only are we passionate about upholding standards for organic professional skin care, we are also committed to keeping standards as a 100% cruelty-free brand. For over 10 years, we have been acknowledged by the Leaping Bunny Program, an internationally recognized standard for cruelty-free products. With a thorough standard applied to all Leaping Bunny approved companies, this is a certification we value highly - as do our partners. Grail Springs Retreat Centre for Wellbeing sent us the following note, saying:

    “[We are] overjoyed to have partnered with Eminence in 2018. We are an eco-conscious business with values that are shared with Eminence. This makes for a successful relationship and we look forward to continuing to provide earth to body products that benefit the health and wellbeing of people, animals and planet.”

    In addition to our 100% cruelty-free status, we are proud to offer a wide array of vegan-friendly skin care products, allowing everyone the opportunity to create an Eminence Organics routine that suits their needs and values.

    Eminence Certified Organic FarmEminence Certified Organic Farm

    Our award-winning farm in Hungary has received multiple accolades for its organic practices as well as excellence in landscape architecture. The plants grown on the farm are sold at local farmers’ markets, used in the juice created for the Eminence Kids Foundation in Hungary and included in Eminence Organics products. Guiding the process from harvest to product allows us to illustrate the benefit of farm to face skin care.

    To learn all about these processes, we are proud to offer tours of the farm through the spring and summer. One of our proudest moments has been hearing the enthusiasm from farm visitors and, with 2,000 visitors so far, we can’t wait to hear more! As Marietta said:

    “Thank you for the opportunity to tour the Eminence Organic Farm today. We came from Canada with our Hungarian friends and relatives to see the beautiful plants. The day was spent learning and tasting the fruits and vegetation all around. The smells and sounds of nature were a lovely retreat from the city.”

    Hand holding a sprouting plantForests For The Future

    Our commitment to charitable giving has been a cornerstone of our success for the past 10 years. Thanks to an incredible partnership with Trees For The Future, our Forests For The Future initiative ensures one tree is planted for every Eminence Organics product sold. Through our Forest Gardens Project, we have been able to help over 284 families in Senegal create their own tree nurseries and increase their income.

    In 2016, we were honored to receive the ISPA Innovate Award for Philanthropic Initiatives for being the first skin care company in the world to plant five million trees. We are proud to have planted over 11 million trees worldwide, thanks in huge part to our amazing spa partners. The best part? Their willingness to share their kind words. Verve Salon & Spa honored us with their praise:

    “There has been no other brand we have worked with that is as committed to making our industry better in a full 360 like Eminence. From the highest quality products and education to charitable efforts, Eminence leads the pack on every level. Thank you so much for ALL you do!”

    Children eating strawberries outsideEminence Kids Foundation

    Our 10 years of milestones would be incomplete without the addition of Eminence Kids Foundation. Boldijarre, who recovered from childhood leukemia, credits holistic care as a major component of his recovery. Boldijarre founded the Eminence Kids Foundation in 2015 to ensure that seriously-ill children all over the world receive nutritious, natural foods as an essential part of their treatment.

    For our work with the Eminence Kids Foundation, we were thrilled to receive the International Spa Association (ISPA) Innovate Award at the 2018 ISPA Conference and Expo. As Boldijarre noted: “Being granted this award is extremely humbling and it makes all of the late nights, sacrifices, and thousands of miles spent on the road each year truly worth every second. I am grateful beyond words that the spa industry has recognized the efforts of the Eminence Kids Foundation.”

    Having provided over 70,000 organic meals to sick children in Canada, Hungary and the United States, we are so grateful for the incredible partner spas who have helped us give back to thousands of children. Spreading our message about healthy choices and seeing how this impacts families means the world to us. A nutritionist at our location in Austin, Texas shared: “It is always a good day for the families when they find out they can take the organic fruit home. Almost every mom comments about how she has been thinking about trying to get more organic fruit into her child’s diet. And it leads to a very natural (organic) nutrition discussion.”

    Infographic illustrating 10 years of milestones for Eminence Organic Skin Care

    Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for voting Eminence Organics as your favorite skin care line for the 10th year in a row! 

  • Is Blue Light Harmful For Your Skin?

    Whether we’re shielding our skin from the sun or protecting it from the aging effects of gravity, sometimes it feels like our complexion is under attack from all sides. And with the increasing adoption of new technology, we can add one more aggressor to the list: blue light. This type of light comes at us from multiple sources - not only does blue light come from the sun but also the screen of your cell phone, computer, flat-screen TV and the majority of light bulbs. In short, our skin is exposed to a potential source of damage for a large part of your day, every day. Here’s all the information you need about whether blue light is harmful and what you can do about it.

    Man looking at laptop

    What Is Blue Light?

    Blue light is simply light on the blue end of the visible light spectrum, falling within the wavelength of 400 to 450 nanometers. This is a short wavelength which has a higher energy output and unfortunately, can cause greater damage. As already mentioned, blue light is not only found in sunlight but just as importantly, it also emits from the electronic devices now integrated into most people’s daily lives. According to Eminence Organics International Trainer Brian Goodwin, we are “typically exposed to blue light for about six hours a day between your cellphone and computer screen.” With the long, daily duration of exposure and the high potential for damage, blue light could be the next enemy number one for our skin health.

    What Do We Know About The Dangers Of Blue Light?

    Blue light first started receiving a bad rap when people noticed its link to poor sleep. Late night hours in bed scrolling through your phone resulted in restless nights, and scientists soon discovered why. According to Harvard Health, blue light at night suppresses the secretion of melatonin, the hormone that affects the circadian rhythms that schedule your sleep / wake cycle. With a sleep cycle out of whack, many people don’t get enough sleep, leaving them open to health problems like depression, diabetes and cardiovascular problems.

    A restful night is not the only thing at risk. Blue light exposure to the eyes was one of the other  potential problems that professionals first pinpointed. Health magazine tells us that the cornea and lens don’t filter out blue light so it goes right to the back of the eye. And a University of Toledo study discovered that blue light “transforms vital molecules in the eye’s retina into cell killers which damage the retina,” resulting in conditions like macular degeneration. Although experiments were only conducted in a lab setting and not on eyes, the potential for harm to eyes from blue light appears problematic.

    Infographic about blue light

    Why Is Blue Light Harmful For Your Skin?

    With blue light making waves in the area of sleep and eye health, it’s no surprise that potentially harmful effects have been discovered for skin health as well. Unlike other environmental stressors for the skin -  like sunlight and UV rays - there’s no heat, no burn. However, don’t let the lack of immediate effects fool you. Dr. Shari Marchbein, a dermatologist and clinical assistant professor at New York University, tells Allure magazine: “Visible light, especially in the blue wavelength, has become a hot topic in skin care, as there is mounting evidence that supports its contribution to photo-aging, including wrinkles, worsening skin laxity, and hyperpigmentation.”

    Visible light, especially in the blue wavelength, has become a hot topic in skin care, as there is mounting evidence that supports its contribution to photo-aging, including wrinkles, worsening skin laxity, and hyperpigmentation.

    Inflammation And Free Radicals

    Academic researchers like the Journal of Investigative Dermatology found in 2010 that exposing skin to the blue light we receive from the sun caused more pigment, redness and swelling than when the same person’s skin was exposed to similar levels of UVA rays. Supporting this is another study published in Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity, which concluded that exposure to blue light could stimulate the production of free radicals in skin, a major cause of premature visible signs of aging.

    Infographic of blue light stimulated free radicals attacking a skin cell

    So, if we know that blue light is a danger to our skin, how does it actually cause harm and what are the effects? When blue light stresses the skin, it reacts by producing inflammation, leading to swelling and redness. Also, free radicals are produced which harm the skin by damaging the DNA and resulting in weakened collagen and elastin. With compromised collagen and elastin, the skin becomes uneven and forms lines and wrinkles. Free radical damage also causes hyperpigmentation, leading to more signs of aging like dark spots. In summary, Brian outlines our body’s alarming reaction to blue light: “The skin responds by immediately protecting itself with inflammation which gives signs of swelling and redness … This sets off a chain of other events that presents symptoms in the skin such as hyperpigmentation and a quicker breakdown of collagen and elastin.”

    What You Need For Skin Protection

    Counteracting the potential harm that blue light can wreak on our skin health, researchers are turning to botanical solutions like cocoa seed extract. Skin care experts have discovered that this extract is one of the best ingredients for shielding the skin from blue light damage because it helps block the skin's blue light receptor cells. A decrease in activity in these blue light receptors lowers free radical damage and boosts collagen and elastin production in the skin. Another bonus? Cocoa seed extract is packed with antioxidants, which also help neutralize free radicals.

    Eminence Organics Lilikoi Light Defense Face Primer SPF 23

    Lilikoi Light Defense Face Primer SPF 23

    Part of our Lilikoi Mineral Defense Collection, the Lilikoi Light Defense Face Primer SPF 23 - formulated with cocoa seed extract - is an ideal step for improving the look of skin suffering from blue light stress as well as protecting the skin from sun damage. Adding this lightweight primer to your daily routine defends your skin from all angles - it protects against UV rays with mineral SPF, helps counteract the downsides of technology use and minimizes the appearance of damage from free radicals.

    Not only does this mineral primer help with the appearance of a complexion exposed to blue light, it also adds subtle illuminating properties with a no-white cast finish, so the skin looks healthy and radiant. For full protection, layer this primer after applying our Lilikoi Mineral Defense Moisturizer SPF 33 and use in addition to our Lilikoi Mineral Defense Sport Sunscreen SPF 30. Find out more about Lilikoi Light Defense Face Primer SPF 23 and blue light stress at your nearest Eminence Organics partner spa.


  • Lilikoi Mineral Defense Collection
    Defend your skin from drying environmental stressors with all-mineral SPF sun protection....

  • Lilikoi Light Defense Face Primer SPF 23

    This lightweight illuminating face primer with SPF visibly improves the appearance of skin exposed to blue light stress and helps prevent sunburn. Layer this mineral primer after your moisturizer or use it as a protective base before you apply foundation or tinted moisturizer. Subtle illuminating properties give the skin a healthy, “lit-from-within” effect, resulting in the appearance of a glowing, radiant complexion.

    Lilikoi Mineral Defense Moisturizer SPF 33

    Protect your skin from the sun and drying environmental stressors with this lightweight SPF 33 mineral sunscreen moisturizer. The easy-to-apply formulation shields your skin from the appearance of the damaging effects of pollution and environmental elements. Suitable for all skin types, this moisturizer finishes without any white cast, leaving the appearance of fresh, natural skin.

    Lilikoi Mineral Defense Sport Sunscreen SPF 30

    An easy-to-apply sport formulation for face and body, this SPF 30 mineral sunscreen is non-greasy and water-resistant up to 40 minutes. Highly effective for outdoor activities like swimming and high-performance sports where perspiration can impact standard sunscreen efficacy, this zinc oxide sunscreen protects from head to toe.

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